Hey, y'all.

While I myself am no fan of digital comics, I was reading about the Kindle Direct Publishing Program at Amazon.

While this would require good comics done well and promotion, there's great potential here.

For anyone who's ever self-published or ran the budget for self-publishing and got freaked out, you know the printing costs can be crazy high. In addition, Diamond-- which is now the only distributor of comics to comic shops, isn't it?-- requires you sell a pretty healthy number of comics or else they won't carry you.

If there really is a digital market out there, or if one is developing, this program could work. Again, it would require a quality product and promotion, but it would be possible to make a profit much easier if there were no printing and shipping to be deducted even at Amazon's 35% royalty plan.

I haven't seen any discussion of it here, but this is the sorta thing I'd be looking at if I had any grand scheme cooking, so I thought I'd bring it up and see what you thought.

That is, if this topic isn't buried in too obscure a forum.
Without Wax,
Carlton Donaghe
somewhere along the Rio Grande