Got some life stuff happening and will be out of work for some time as well as moving out of state. I need to raise cash and fast!

So with that said.

I'm opening up drawing commissions where I can turn your wedding photo into the monsters of your choice! This is a niche, novelty, ha, ha, look at us alternative gift that would look good on the bathroom wall or standing on the mantle next to your real wedding photo when you want to piss off one of the in-laws.

Monsters you say? Yea, want that special day zombified? Cool. Think one of you should be a Chubacabra the other the great and powerful Cthulu? (but with proper spelling!).

Sure. No problem.

The medium?

Graphite on 8.5 x 11-9x12 cardstock/bristol paper.

If you want inks, it'd be extra.

Starting out at 40 bucks.

If you've ever seen my stuff you'll know that I do gritty detail, highly energized work.

So make my monster hum!

some samples of wip here:

Other links to my works here: So here's another zombie image I'm working on. No reference really just from my head.

Ahh hell with it, here's some links to most of my current work and a few pics of my kids.

And one more for my manliness!

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