Per request, I'm starting a thread about stuff I'm currently reading for discussion. I don't know how interesting it will end up being, because with a new baby, I don't have a ton of spare time or cash for comics, so I can never read everything I want to...but there are a few things I am picking up regularly.

From Dark Horse:

-Buffy and Angel & Faith. As a die hard Whedon/Buffy fan, I can't not get these books. I also will grab any Serenity and Doll House minis/one-shots that come around. I pick up the occasional Hellboy one-shot, or issue of Creepy or DHP.

From Image:
-The Walking Dead and Saga. Saga has just started, 3 issues in, and itís already one of my favorite books ever. Brian K. Vaughan obviously rules, and Y was one of my favorite books, soÖno-brainer with this one. Great art too. TWD, well everyone knows about that book, and is interested or not. I love it. I loved zombies before they were the hot thing, and I still love them now that everyone else is getting tired of them. I also love Elpehantmen, but don't get to pick it up all the time. I plan to catch up on comixology.

The only other monthly book I am buying right now is Avengers vs. X-Men, but that is about to get cut. Itís pretty lackluster. Iíve actually enjoyed a good lot of the big Marvel stories over the last several years that people complained about, particularly House of M and Civil War, but Iím not really feeling this one. I don't buy all the tie-ins/spin-offs, just the main series.

From DC, I did pick up the first issue of The Minutemen mini seriesÖbut I will buy most anything that Darwyn Cooke draws. I really donít care what it is. I was also picking up Swamp Thing and Frankenstein Agent of Shade, and really enjoying them. But comics beget comics, and the more I read, the more I want to read. I just had to make some cuts and stick with only what I really, really wanted to read. For most of my comic buying life Iíve read Batman, but I find it uninteresting now, starting with Grant Morrisonís run.

And then I will grab any indie books or OGNs that look really interesting to me.