I just got a press release from a national gun-rights group -- not the National Rifle Association -- blasting both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for being soft on the Second Amendment.

Gun owners are about to lose their constitutional right to bear arms, the group warns. Just you watch! It's a-gonna happen! The gubmint is gonna take yer guns away! Starting next year!

I wonder if there's an acceptable period of time following a mass shooting that the gun-rights groups might wish to remain publicly silent.

A half-dozen people were shot and killed Sunday at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Others were wounded, including a police officer shot in the neck while tending to the injured. The gunman was a frustrated and well-armed white supremacist, according to police.

Can we wait -- say -- one full week before we have to listen to complaints about how there aren't enough guns in America -- that it's too hard to buy a gun in America -- that guns are a precious and rare commodity that must be nurtured like a babe in arms?

This gun-rights group goes on to say:

This will be the first time in its history that the [the group's convention] is held in the Sunshine State. Among the anticipated speakers will be Mark O’Mara, defense attorney representing George Zimmerman, the man now charged in the death of Trayvon Martin. The announcement has stirred considerable media attention for the upcoming event.