Picked up World's Finest-Huntress/Powergirl #0.

I haven't bought this title before, mostly because Kevin Maguire was only drawing a 3rd of the book, with the rest handled by George Perez. Maguire has a very fresh and distinctive style that gives the characters life.

Anyways, I saw this title on the new comics section and noticed that Kevin Maguire was the only artist listed on the cover. Flipped through it and yeah, no Perez, looks like it's all Maguire. So I had to buy it.

The comic makes use of the #0 origin issue format because it tells briefly Huntress's origin, along with briefly mentioning what's going on in the world of Earth 2. You get told just enough to pique your curiosity and not feel bogged down in some new continuity.

I liked this issue so much I wish DC's relaunch had been about retiring the old characters and having Supergirl, Huntress and others be the new generation of heroes.

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