This is the first movie I've ever pre-ordered. It's also the first superhero movie I've seen as a family. My son farted two different times during dialogue heavy moments. I'll never forget this bitter/sweet occasion.
A few thoughts:
I preordered through amazon. I'm an amazon prime member so I expected it in my goddam mailbox on the day it went on sale. That's the guarantee. This was the litmis test. Time's like this is why why I automatically have prime renewed every year. I told my son to watch the mail on tuesday b/c that's the day. I told him this sunday night as he went to bed. He was giddy. I was giddier.
I was so intent on making sure that amazon prime was all it was hyped up to be, I tracked the package as soon as I got the email that it had shipped. The results:

It was delivered to my house at 2:35 Monday afternoon. My expectations were exceeded at this point.

Check back to see how my wife totally destroys my perfect moment...
"God you are a Genius Budman." --Alexander Ness
"I know." --Budman