TALLAHASSEE — In audio picked up by an answering machine, a volunteer for the Republican Party of Clay County can be heard calling President Barack Obama “a Muslim” and saying he wants to “get rid of your Medicare.”

The call was made as part of a statewide phone bank for Mitt Romney’s campaign being conducted by the Clay County GOP. The volunteer, not identified, did not hang up before moving onto her next call.

Her pitch to the next person was picked up on the first person’s answering machine.

"Y'all sound like y'all are senior citizens, right? Yeah. You don't want Obama. You really don't want Obama. Because he'll get rid of your Medicare. You might as well say goodbye to it."

"I don't know if you've done any research on Obama or not, but he is a Muslim. If he had his way, we'd be a socialistic country,” the Republican Party volunteer said during the roughly 90-second call.

Leslie Dougher, head of the Clay County GOP, said the party does not support the volunteer’s statements.

“It was off-script completely. We have everything scripted,” Dougher said.


Ha, yeah, it was off-script.

Because we haven't constantly been hearing people shriek "Kenya," "Muslim," "socialist" and various unpleasant synonyms for "black" for the last four years.

The weirdest part to me, though, is warning people that a politician wants to turn the gub'mint socialist -- and he wants to take away your Medicare. Got-damnit, I want my private, free-market, 100-percent capitalist economy, and I want my taxpayer-funded electric scooter, and I want 'em now!