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the credits do list the people who CREATED that issue.

Do you have any examples in which the comic credits specify the writer, penciller, inker, etc., as creators?

The credits I see, from DC and Marvel, list the writers, artists, colorists, letterers, editors, and others who contributed to the comic by their specific roles. The creator credit appears to be reserved for those identified as creating the specific character or title.

So, you're telling me you've never seen a comic book where the writer and artist are referred to as "creators"? You've never heard anyone from Marvel or DC every use the term "creators" to refer to their writers and artists? Really? Do you actually read comics?

You can keep going with this logic, though I should point out that it makes you very much like some right wing preacher who proclaims that women who give birth out of wedlock shouldn't be called mothers. If that's the kind of company you like to keep, go right ahead.