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So, you're telling me you've never seen a comic book where the writer and artist are referred to as "creators"?

No, I'm telling you that I can't think of any examples of a DC or Marvel comic in which the writer or artist is listed in the credits as a creator, if that writer or artist wasn't involved in originating the character or title. It looks like the mainstream comics industry reserves the credit of creator for those who conceived of and invented a specific character, group, or title.

If you have an example of a DC or Marvel comic that credits a writer or artist, working on a title they did not originate, as creators, I would be genuinely interested in seeing that.

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Do you actually read comics?

I do, thanks for asking. But not many DC or Marvel comics these days, so I'm hoping that you, who appear to be more familiar with current DC and Marvel product, could provide an example of this liberal use of the term creator, which you claim is used by publishers, you, and pretty much everyone else.

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I should point out that it makes you very much like some right wing preacher who proclaims that women who give birth out of wedlock shouldn't be called mothers. If that's the kind of company you like to keep, go right ahead.

I would be interested in hearing you elaborate upon this comparison, Mike.

When people write and draw and comic books, pretty much every reasonable person understands that they "created" that comic book. They created the words, the images and the story. As such, most reasonable people would refer to them as "comic book creators", even if the book in question was work-for-hire utilizing previously established characters and concepts.

Now, if you want to pronounce in a dickishly pedantic fashion that "They didn't create that comic, they just wrote and drew it", I suppose that's not a completely indefensible opinion. It's just one that pretty much every reasonable person would understand as dickishly pedantic.

However, feigning ignorance of the many, many times when work-for-hire writers and artists have been referred to as "comic book creators" by fans, other pros, editors and publishers is another step beyond just dickishly pendantic.

Of course, if you're willing to sign a legally binding contract that I'll get everything you currently own and 50% of all your future earnings if I can find an instance of work-for-hire comic book writers and/or artists being referred to as "creators" within the credits of a comic, I'll get right on it. If not, I really don't feel like wasting that much time trying to satisfy such a dickishly pendatic requirement. You know work-for-hire pros have been commonly referred to as "creators". I know. Everyone who reads this thread knows it.

And I'm sure you can get the analogy. Just think a little bit harder about it.


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