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I've tried to show how that definition is problematic.

I'm certain it is. And I could be wrong.

I used to use the word "creator" to refer to everyone working on a given comic. Now, having considered it, I don't. I use the word "creator" to describe the people working on a comic who actually created the character(s) in that comic -- say, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on the first 105 issues of FANTASTIC FOUR, or Dave Sim on any issue of CEREBUS. I loved Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo on FANTASTIC FOUR a few years ago. But they were not the creators.

That said, Waid and Wieringo separately went out and created or co-created some of their own characters at indie published comics. I dunno much about those characters. But speaking in general terms, it may be fair to call them "creators" in the looser sense, then, referring to their own creations.

It's a fluid definition. I may change my mind yet again.