I saw it a couple of hours ago and didn't really know what to make of it. P.T.Anderson is claiming that he used L.Ron Hubbard as a template for Lancaster Dodd but that the movie is not about Scientology. That is nonsense. It is plainly about Scientology. All the drills, books and therapies are no farther away from Scientology then a mustached Philip Seymour Hoffman is from L.Ron Hubbard. I got caught up watching the comparisons. Mind you, the acting, particularly by Joachim Pheonix, the cinemetography and the naked women, even the heavy one at the end, were all worth looking at. But the sort of guy who likes car chases, explosions and fruit carts tipping over is definitely not going to like this film.

I will make a wild prediction though. It will win an academy award for something. When it does the entire audience at the Academy Awards show will get on its feet and cheer. Take away Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta and a few dozen others and what you have left is thousands of working film makers who think the cult of Xenu is bonkers. They are ashamed that it is seen as the Hollywood religion. This film respects the people who have been caught up in the cult, treating the Dodd character as a charlatan. As a public service, if not as a vehicle to sell popcorn, the film does well.
Jeez, granfalloon, that longer post above might be one of the most thoughtful, best written things I've ever read on Comicon.