Okay, this came from the site petitions.whitehouse.gov. Lots of great ones on there like:

- Strip the citizenship of all those who signed petitions to secede

- Deport everyone who signed a secession petition

- If any state secedes, make them pay their share of the national debt first

- If Georgia secedes, let Atlanta secede from Georgia

- If Texas secedes, let Austin secede from Texas

- Allow the red counties of Oregon and northern California to form a 51st state

- Require religious organizations to pay taxes

- Criminalize offending Mohammed, Moses and Jesus

- Debate Joe Arpaio on TV about Immigration Reform

- Obama show your birth certificate and college transcripts

- Recount the election results

- Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi...

- End the EPA and assess environmental laws on economic impact

- Ban circumcision of babies

- Legalize marijuana

- Regulate Internet porn

- Answer all of Ron Paul's questions

- Allow soldiers to put their hands in their pockets

- Allow college graduates to trade their diplomas in for 100% tuition refund

- Make insurance cover sex-change operations

- Allow individual voluntary opt-out of Obamacare

- Ban labor boss Richard Trumka from the White House for killing Hostess Brands.

- Nationalize the Twinkie industry.
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