Ozymandias #4...

Page one, Veidt is offended by a group of villains calling themselves the Flying Tigers: "An insufferable INSULT to one of the bravest, most NOBLE groups of fighting men who ever lived!" I wonder if Wein even understands the irony.

Page two, Veidt has Wolverine claws in his gauntlets and leaves the villains tied up (in his "signature Gordian Knot") like Spider-Man's modus operandi.

Page three, more JFK Gump-isms.

Page four, revisit of Doctor Manhattan's gruesome raid on Moloch's club.

Page five, *Bobby* Kennedy Gump-isms.

Page six, Hollis apparently unmasked on *Live TV*, giving not only his name but also his address. So stupid.

Page seven, Marilyn Monroe murder Gump-isms.

Page eight, Cuban missile crisis Gump-isms.

Page nine, giving actual dialogue to the notion that a little domino mask would conceal anyone's identity.

Pages ten and eleven, the president consults Veidt on what to do about the Cuban missile crisis.

Page twelve, JFK and Oswald assassinations. Almost no reference to either the Zapruder film or the famous photo of Jack Ruby shooting Oswald. Use of the word "allegedly" and the phrase "according to the evidence" in reference to Oswald actually being the shooter.

Page thirteen, Veidt fails to find any evidence that Oswald wasn't the shooter.

Pages fourteen and fifteen, "introducing" Nite Owl II and Rorschach. Wein clearly has no story to tell.

Pages sixteen and seventeen, the secret origin of the "Nostalgia" perfume. I think this is a reference to Veidt's girlfriend that died in issue #1, but I don't care enough to go back and check.

Page eighteen, "introducing" Silk Spectre II.

Pages nineteen through twenty-one, literally a verbatim regurgitation of the "Crimebusters" meeting.

As light as the backgrounds were in previous issues, they're practically non-existant this time out. I don't know Lee's reputation with regard to speed, but if he's not getting burned out then he's just getting bored.

Alt cover by Michael Kaluta. His drawing skills have really faltered in the past few years, to the point that I think that he might be experiencing some medical issues. If it comes to light that he is, I may reconsider my decision to boycott his future work.
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