Dr. Manhattan #3...

Straczynski has exactly one metaphor -- Schrodinger's Cat -- and he is flailing the shit out of it. Osterman becomes aware that he is now the "Quantum Observer" and all the seemingly contradictory events of the previous issues were merely his having eliminated every decision he ever made (as well as, inexplicably, a decision made by Captain Metropolis at the Crimebusters meeting... we just can't get enough of that Crimebusters meeting) and having created an infinite number of alternate realities in the process. How and at what point he gained this "Quantum Observer" status is not yet clear. Logically, there must have been a point where he had the power to alter the past, but was not aware that he was doing so.

The point of this issue seems to be that Osterman has become aware of what he was doing and has decided that now he must shepherd all the divergent realities back into the timeline Alan Moore wrote in the original Watchmen. Now, if you not only had the reality-manipulating powers of a god but could also alter the past, would you think the events as they unfolded in Watchmen was the absolute most preferable way for things to go? Even the exploding telepathic squid? If so, that pretty much relegates the poignant "Without condoning or condemning" line into a flat-out lie.

Also, it reminds me of that episode of Amazing Stories where the Elvis impersonator from the 1980's goes back in time and accidentally kills Elvis before the first recordings. The impersonator then lives out the rest of Elvis' life, even the drug-induced death. Oh, well. Maybe Doc will change it back to where Blake killed JFK and fathered Laurie.

Hughes and Martin's art is much better this time. Still a lot of repetition and recycling of panels, but it's more creatively done than in the first two issues. Something strange about the lettering that I hadn't picked up on before, though. It's obvious the word balloons are done in Illustrator, because they all have the same dent on one side and flat spot on the other. The balloons are scaled and stretched to accommodate more or less text, and sometimes they're flipped or rotated, but they're all copied from the same original shape. Somewhat distracting.

Alt cover by Neal Adams, as seen earlier in this thread. I don't know what Adams is thinking in contributing to this shitfest, but as we have witnessed before -- from his "Expanding Earth" theoretical bunk to his recent Batman craptacular -- the man has some serious issues going on in-between his earlobes.
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