Nite Owl #4...

Three months for this one to come out as well. Kubert the lesser and Boleslav Sienkiewicz are very fast, so it's obviously DC editorial just trying to stretch this thing out as long as possible.

Okay, so the unnecessary fleshing out of the story behind the "Twilight Lady" photo from Watchmen #7, page 5, panel 4 draws to an inevitably dismal and sappy close. Panel two of that same page also gets cleared up by showing how Dan killed his father. Along the way, we get an owlship ride to a building on fire, Rorschach busting out of a burning door, a Gumpism predicting GPS, a madman trying to make the world a better place by killing a bunch of people (last issue's Ginsberg-quoting preacher) and Hollis foreshadowing his own death.

Turns out the "THE END IS NIGH" sign needed a secret origin, because Rorschach impales the preacher with it. This was apparently the "you went soft" moment that ended the Rorschach-Nite Owl team. Good to know, good to know. Twilight Lady leaves Dan because he "deserves a good woman," but she still loves him and she's still out there... Bleh.

A word about continuity. There's a flashback of Dan killing his father by setting a trip cord on the stairs. Dan is much younger in this scene than he was in previous flashbacks to his father, and their house is much more delapidated. Maybe his dad didn't die in the fall, lived on for another ten years and made a lot of money and then died of a heart attack (as was shown in a previous issue). The insinuation, the purpose of that flashback, was to show that Dan could kill if he had to, so if that's not an error then it's just objectively bad storytelling. Also, the preacher's name changes from Taylor Dean to Taylor Stone at one point. So I have to ask again: How many editors were involved in this shit?

Alt cover by Ethan Van Sciver. Even more weird perspective and wonky anatomy than is the norm for EVS. I'm guessing it took him four hours, no preparatory sketch. No "Crimson Corsair" backup this time, strangely.
"The trouble with being a ghost writer or artist is that you must remain anonymous without credit.
If one wants the credit, one has to cease being a ghost and become a leader or innovator."
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