I was confused by that kid-tripping-the-bad-dad scene too. The dilapidated house made me think that maybe this was Young Rorschach killing one of his mom's boyfriends, rather than Young Dan killing his dad. Though that doesn't make much sense as a counter to the established continuity, so why even include it? Was it just reinforcing the point that Rorschach was good at taking violent action, while Dan was too timid? I dunno.

There was also a scene of Dan burning Hollis's manuscript. So we never learn what was so shocking in it? Maybe that's revealed in one of the other series?

Skimming one of the Moloch books in the store a few weeks ago, I noted it had the last episode of the Crimson Corsair in it. So either the added Moloch issues made them run out of Corsair pages earlier, or they just didn't plan the length of the Corsair serial very carefully.

Overall, the NiteOwl series was pretty rotten. The twist of Dan pining for Twilight Lady, contrary to his assertion in the original Watchmen than she was obsessed with him, that was decent enough. That's a plausible piece of self-delusion in line with his character. But the story built around it wasn't worth it.

I wish Joe Kubert's last inking job had been something other than this turkey.