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I was confused by that kid-tripping-the-bad-dad scene too.

Looking back at it again, yeah, that had to be Kovacs. Ambiguous and a very poor narrative choice.

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There was also a scene of Dan burning Hollis's manuscript. So we never learn what was so shocking in it? Maybe that's revealed in one of the other series?

My guess is it's Hollis' involvement in the death of Hooded Justice. That would require editorial coordination with Cooke's Minutemen sotry, though, so I can't be sure. There's also Hollis' affair with Sally.

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Skimming one of the Moloch books in the store a few weeks ago, I noted it had the last episode of the Crimson Corsair in it.

I must confess that I haven't bothered to read the Crimson Corsair serial.
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