[quote=New Age Poster.]I don't know what's going on Shocker. Dono, Jack and Riotgear said I was not banned.

They said something about clearing out my cache, which I don't know nothing about.

And NO, I'm not in Troll mode at Spin-flippery. I've been good and haven't ruffled any feathers there except Riotgear.

I'm still trying to get you in dawg. As soon as they clear this up I'll put your name back up for consideration.

You might be right. I might be banned, or at least daycared. No one is trying to get this problem solved.

I've PM'D at least 10 members on this matter. They just keep telling me to RE-LOG-IN. [/quote]

Maybe its a setup. Set up by the man! You lack the complexion for the protection of the collection! Every board you go to you're unfairly given the boot. Its like they fear your real! WHATZUPWITDAT?