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GIBBERISH BLOG" October 08, 2005

Football players need to know there role. I'm just saying if your going to play quarterback you need to play it correct.

In my opinion today's black players shouldn't play Quarterback. I don't think there ready yet. Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb,and Daunte Culpepper are great quarterbacks, but they run to damn much for me. I just think white quarterbacks play the position well. It really pisses me off when the QB is the leading rusher. Don't get my wrong. I just like the stand in the pocket and throw type QB's. I mean that's what a quarterback is suppose to do, throw a pass or hand it off to a running back. Simple as that.

Atlanta, Philadelphia and Minnesota have great offenses but these QB's hurt there team chances of being effective. Because these teams rely on there QB too much. By seasons end it all catches up to them. That's why teams with running QB's never will win the SUPER BOWL. Yeah a few have been there, but the fall short of winning it all. Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins won it in 1988 but he was a passing black QB.

Maybe teams should research those Cowboys when they won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years.(QB- White: RB- Black: WR- Black TE- White.)

Under normal circumstances in my opinion here's a break down of who should play what on a Football Team.

Quarterbacks - White
Running Backs - Black
Fullbacks - White (A big farmed raised corn picking white)
Wide Receivers -Black
Tight Ends - White
Centers - White (A special military type. Steroid using white)
Tackles - White
Guards - White

Linebackers - Black.(except the MLB - White)
Defensive Ends - Black
Defensive Tackles - Black
Defensive Backs - Black
Nose Tackles - White

Special Teams
Kickers - White
Punters - White
Kick Off Return - Black
Punt Return - White

Other sports might want my opinion as well.

Boxing: Now you know who should be boxing. Forget about the "great white hope" those days are long gone. Leave boxing to the Blacks and Mexicans. Throw in a few Germans just because.

Baseball: Give it to the whites, sprinkled with blacks.

Hockey: Whites and Canadians.

Track & Field: Split it up. Blacks- running events. White- Field events.

Alright! This is nothing more than a (my) opinion. Because I Blackfoot do not post or take part in racism, politics or religion. AT24MERCERAVE is and will always be a gibberish blog. CAN I BUST?

Golf: Keep it White. What business do we have playing golf. Hit a ball then follow it. We know damn well it's too fuckin' hot out there in that open field. And please stop wearing those straw hats. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar support the golf game.

Snoop Dog on a golf commercial? Snoop better get his skinny ass out that sun. Fuck around and dry up like a prune.[/quote]
^I think my point still stands.^

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