Monthly sales for the BEFORE WATCHMEN titles leveled off around 50,000, which is far less than initial orders but still good for a modern DC comic. The average DC comic sells somewhere in the low 30,000 range, even after the nu52 reboot. It doesn't take much to top the charts these days.

The trade collections probably will sell OK, too.

So, financially, DC is likely to turn a profit on the project, unless it promised the candy store to Darwyn Cooke, Len Wein and the other creative sellouts who whored themselves for it.

Will there be any repercussions for the publisher from the controversy? Or any repercussions for the participants?

I'm inclined to say no, not for the publisher, anyway.

Most people likely to be angry about the flogging of WATCHMEN's corpse over Alan Moore's objections probably stopped buying much from DC Comics a while ago.

The guys who still run down to the comics shop every Wednesday for their pull list full of Batman and Green Lantern comics -- they didn't give a shit about Alan Moore or creators' rights. And that's the paying customer for DC today. Keep those guys content and you can manage decline for another few years.