Ceci always makes me larf! laugh

I'm actually not too concerned about Alan Moore's hurt feelings. He's a big boy. And a warlock.

I am concerned about Alan Moore's rights as a creator. I am concerned about publishers who treat writers and artists and their original ideas like interchangeable widgets. I am concerned about talented guys like Darwyn Cooke -- that is where Allen and I disagree -- who seem content to crank out reproductions of other guy's ideas, rather than create something new in the world, and who sleep like babies after they cash paychecks bastardizing the work of a writer who begged them to please leave his story the hell alone.

I am concerned that all of this has produced a comic book industry dominated, as Ceci says, by Batman, Batman, little Superman and Batman. And across town at Marvel, there are now literally three dozen titles on the stands between the X-Men and the Avengers.