On Jerry Ordway's blog, he says some people are giving him a hard time because he and John Byrne displaced veteran artist Curt Swan on the Superman comics in 1986. Turnabout is fair play, then, these folks suggest.

Ordway acknowledges there is truth in this criticism. But DC continued to throw a little work at Swan, including an Aquaman mini-series and licensed property designs, he says. Also, Swan was a little older -- around 65, at the traditional retirement age -- and not still in his 50s, Ordway says.

Still. Wikipedia says Swan was financially unprepared for his abrupt retirement, and as a result, he suffered through an awful final decade, including a drinking problem and the end of his marriage. Swan ended up drawing pornographic Superman spoofs for Penthouse.

Again, the lesson is anyone who works for DC or Marvel is disposable, always, no matter how talented they are or how much great work they've produced. For 99 percent of the talent at the Big Two, there will come the day when you are kicked to the curb.