I pretty much hate most of the main characters on The Walking Dead. Rick's an asshole and his wife was an obnoxious, whiny bitch. Son Carl is a psychopath. Best friend Shane was a psychopath, too, whom Rick killed. One of the gang is a devout racist. I wouldn't want to spend any more time with any of them than I would with Tony Soprano.

The majority of people probably want to watch shows about people whom they think they'd like in real life (Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Men Behaving Badly ... well, maybe not that last one). But there's quite a few of us who only demand that the characters be interesting in some way and who find most of the popular series based on supposedly likable characters to be about people that we wouldn't actually like at all in real life (Sex and the City, Oprah, Friends, et al.). And there's enough of us to make successes of shows like the Sopranos.

Mike, in other words, doesn't know what he's talking about. Fox News is popular. Is it the likable news network?
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