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I'm tempted to write a long post lamenting what this place used to be and what it has become, but why bother?

You'd be better served writing to Steve Conley and asking him to approve new accounts on a more consistent basis. The largest problem this site has is that while there are new people signing up all the time, approvals are conducted only sporadically and applications expire after 24 hours.

I didn't realize there was such a problem getting new accounts approved, though I'm really not surprised. I don't think Comicon gets much of Steve and Rick's attention anymore.

Although I don't have the time to lurk here like I used to, I miss some of our old regulars, like Joe Lee and Alex Ness, both of whom got angry and left during the Joe Kubert R.I.P. thread argument. There's no doubt that Comicon is winding down. I'll be sorry on the day the plug finally is pulled.