Why boycott everyone connected to BEFORE WATCHMEN?

I thought it was a dumb, creatively bankrupt project, so I didn't buy it. I was gratified to see sales in the low 40,000 range. Maybe DC lost a little money on it.

And sure, I'm disappointed in the comics pros who disregarded Alan Moore's request for WATCHMEN to be left alone. They should have shown solidarity.

That said, DC and Marvel have screwed comics creators for a profit since their very beginnings. I don't need to name names, right? We all know the history. So -- why are we still buying anything from DC or Marvel, including comics, reprint books, movies, T-shirts and all the other licensed material?

I don't blame Steve Rude (for example) for BEFORE WATCHMEN. Rude drew one comic book, and frankly, he needs the work. I blame DC. It was DC's decision. So why boycott Rude the next time he produces something but keep giving DC our money?

And if the answer is, well, as of this moment, we're all going to boycott everything connected to DC forever and ever, why are we just starting now? Are we morally satisfied with everything DC has done over the last 75 years? And what about Marvel?

It's hard to be morally pure. If we're going so far as to shun eight different letterers because they carry the stain of BEFORE WATCHMEN on their souls, then it seems odd that we didn't wipe our hands of the entire industry ages ago.