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Why boycott everyone connected to BEFORE WATCHMEN?

So that when Before Sandman rolls around, it won't be profitable to take the job.

So -- why are we still buying anything from DC or Marvel, including comics, reprint books, movies, T-shirts and all the other licensed material?

I'm not. Before Watchmen was the last straw; haven't bought anything from DC or Marvel (including a movie ticket) since it came out.* Why Marvel? And why now? Well, because like I say, it was the last straw, not the first. When I was twelve, it was easier to shrug my shoulders at the treatment of guys like Jack Kirby and go, "well, it was a different time, and I dunno, I like Fantastic Four, it's not like Walt Simonson did anything, and mumblemumblemumble." As an adult, with a huge example right in my face, it's harder to ignore.

It's hard to be morally pure.

In this case, it's really not. It's only hard if you consider "continuing to read Batman" a priority.

*A kind of simultaneous last straw was seeing The Avengers. I enjoyed it, but couldn't shake that feeling like, "This movie is making how much money? And Kirby's family aren't fucking millionaires?"

It felt ugly. That ugliness helped the decision a lot. Now Iron Man 3 has rolled around, and despite having enjoyed the first two, I haven't seen it. Haven't really missed it, either.

It's not unlike quitting smoking. When you stop making excuses for why you keep doing it, you realize the room smells better without it.
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