I can see the logic in your approach, Ceci. The answer boils down to, "It didn't bother me enough before, but now it does. This was the final straw. No more."

Fair enough.

For my part, as irksome as I found BEFORE WATCHMEN to be, as much as I wish these people would go and create something new rather than flog a 26-year-old Moore story, I don't know that I share your level of moral outrage over it.

I was outraged by BP's calamitous actions in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago. DC just makes me roll my eyes. To the extent that I don't buy much from DC anymore, it's simply because DC doesn't publish much that interests me.

Muddying the waters: You mention the finances of Jack Kirby's heirs. As it happens, DC went out of its way in the 1980s, through the munificence of its top executives at the time, to give Kirby retroactive ownership rights on his Fourth World characters, so that he (or his estate) would get paid when those characters are used. DC since has used those characters a lot, particularly in animated and live-action shows. It's a safe bet that Kirby's heirs today get more money from Darkseid & Co. than they do from Captain America, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four and Thor.