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Like I said when this was brought up before: if it is still true that the Kirby estate receives compensation for Jack's creations, please provide another source than a remark at a convention made by a kid who may or may not have been in the room when the deal was struck, who then went on to become the company president twenty years later, relating the story at the beginning of his time as president in an effort to generate good will for his company. Also, some details as to how much that compensation is would be nice (that is to say, is it more than the price of a Happy Meal).

I dunno how much money the Kirby estate gets.

I was as skeptical as you initially, but among the sources confirming that the Kirby estate gets something from the continued use of the Fourth World characters under that 1982 deal is Mark Evanier, Kirby's friend and biographer.

Evanier has confirmed that in his writings and public comments. He has gotta be considered a credible Kirby source.

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I understand that Moore didn't want a sequel (and let's face it, Gibbons didn't, either).

I'd like a citation for that, as well.

For Dave Gibbons, you mean?

I don't have one. I just thought that Gibbons' expression of support for BEFORE WATCHMEN, as published by DC in advance of the project, sounded extremely lukewarm.

I admit it's my own interpretation, but it sounded like Gibbons would rather the damn thing be left alone. However, he also wanted to continue working for DC, and he concluded that doing so required him to make some conciliatory noises about the sequel.