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The two major impressions that I had while reading it were that 1)Brown derives a great deal of personal satisfaction from being perceived as an emotionless robot; and 2)he's very likely not as articulate in real-life discussion as he depicts himself to be.

In my experience, comics attracts a lot of that sort. I honestly dunno why.

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And apparently, Brown is also now an aspiring politician, having put his name on two ballots for Parliament, but not winning either race. He is affiliated with the Canadian Libertarian Party (which has no problem with prostitution, but opposes as part of their platform all forms of government subsidies), despite having at least partially funded the creation of this book with a $16,000 grant from the Canadian Council for the Arts. Perhaps hypocrisy contributed to his ugliness.

Interesting point.

At the risk of generalizing, many Libertarians seem to like the clean simplicity of their philosophy: freedom good, rules bad. But as with any simple philosophy, it's not hard to poke holes in it when it's applied to real life. I've known Libertarian politicians who pocketed government subsidies, from Medicare payments as physicians to U.S.D.A. payouts as farmers. They shrug and insist that everyone else gets the money, so they may as well, too, never acknowledging the hypocrisy.