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more sensible counterpoint to Gary Groth.

Last night I read a lengthy interview by Groth with Maurice Sendak, the children's book illustrator who died last year. It was published recently in THE COMICS JOURNAL.

Sendak, famously grumpy at the best of times, was downright angry during this interview, given at age 83. The fucking morons have taken over -- the world has turned to shit and there's no coming back -- no good book has been written since 1900, no good movie has been produced since 1950, the golden age for America and humanity was my young adulthood and now it's gone forever. Death will be a relief!

Anyone who's had an elderly relative in poor health, on the way out, may have heard something similar.

But the whole time, Groth is nodding and agreeing and telling Sendak "You're so right, the world is total shit, they all are total morons, it's hopeless!" And Groth at the time was, like, 50 years old. And he's sounded like a bitter old man for 25 years!