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The only legitimate defense in your eyes is to make sure that what we don't want done to us, cannot actually be done. Interesting.

Netizens voluntarily submit to "Big Brother" every day. What is the difference between a corporation having that information and the government having it? The government can at least operate under the premise of protecting people, whereas corporations' fundamental purpose is to target and take advantage of people. Someone is watching you either way, but one can at least claim to be watching *over* you.

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Attack the whistle blower's credibility,

So you're saying that anyone who violates the terms of their employment just because they feel like doing so should be applauded?

Snowden specifically sought out media outrage specialists (Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald) to disseminate his message rather than even attempting to address his alleged concerns with any elected officials. Had he taken the more sensible (and less illegal) approach of seeking the counsel of senators and former senators who opposed the Patriot Act (Tom Harkin, Patrick Leahy, Carl Levin, Patty Murray, Ron Wyden, Russ Feingold, Jim Jeffords, Jeff Bingaman, and the former senator from the state where Snowden lived Hawaii Daniel Akaka) and already had access to the information that he leaked, he might not be looking at the possibility of thirty years behind bars.

While I appreciate the opportunity that the Snowden situation has given us to pursue more conversation on the topic, the kid has demonstrated that he is not at all smart and is basically full of shit.

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not the administration which admitted to violating the 4th amendment.

Apparently I missed that briefing.
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