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You're being purposely obtuse if you asking it to be explained.

Not really. Make a list of all the things Snowden has revealed.

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You said that Snowden should have gone another route like appealing to members of congress. I brought up that the majority of congress wasn't interested in holding the companies accountable for illegally wire tapping the calls of American citizens.

Once again. Russ Feingold (the only senator who voted against the Patriot Act in 2001) and Daniel Akaka (who voted against the re-authorization of the Patriot Act in 2006) are no longer in the Senate. Had I been in Snowden's position, my first thoughts would be to reach out to someone like that.

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Make up your mind. Is this different from what was going on during the Bush administration or is the same?

It's the same set of set of provisions the Patriot Act but handled differently than the previous administration. BushJr didn't ask for warrants, Obama did.

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Search and seizure happens when there is probable cause. What probable cause is there for the government the calls made by EVERY single American citizen, as well as monitoring ALL their web activity, and keeping this information stored?

The legal difference has been described in an analogy, as in the difference between building a library and pulling a book off a shelf in that library. Compiling communcations meta-data is not the same thing as actually tapping into its contents. We can have a discussion about whether or not the government should do that, but making the erroneous assumption that the government is willfully and admittedly violating the fourth amendment is going one rhetorical step too far.

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What crimes did Coleen Rowley uncover within the FBI?

Had to look that one up. Okay, that's the lady who revealed the gross negligence in the FBI's not connecting Moussaoui's aberrant application to the Minnesota flight school ("I don't want to learn how to take off or land, only how to steer the plane in the air.") with previous al-Qaeda threats about hijacking planes, and perhaps preventing the 9/11 attacks. Gross negligence is a crime, if you weren't aware, as is taking a job with the specific intent of gathering classified data you wish to give to the press.
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