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You never mentioned the first point that's weak.

That the level of destruction displayed has any inherent messaging value or deeper significance.

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I don't remember any figure being Christ-like in [Dawn].

I said biblical, not necessarily of Christ. Take the image of someone washing their hands in the fountain, as one example I can easily recall. That was clearly a reference to Pontius Pilate imagery. How it fits into the zombie apocalypse narrative... it doesn't. That's the point. Snyder uses imagery for its personal aesthetic appeal to himself, not as a representation anything else.

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I agree with them that the film makes Superman too fallible to be greater than God.

And yet His representative quivers in Superman's presence.

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The movie wasn't very good, to be sure (but it's the best Superman movie so far, for whatever that's worth).

Oh, good lord, no. Even Superman Returns was better than this dreck.
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