Any particular examples? The show does have a lingering, exploratory pace. I.e. it's rarely "action!" It's usually: blurry obscure shot of something we don't recognize; slowly it becomes recognizable; ambient sound; ambient music; close up depth-of-field camera tricks; facial expressions and other details we have to read into for ourselves; THEN something might happen or be said. I like this unhurried style; I find it aesthetically pleasing, an effective mood-builder, and preferable to too much exposition-through-dialogue. But it is what it is, can't be everybody's cup of tea. I can't think of any confrontation scenes with Jesse where it seemed like he should've been shot but instead the characters got to talking about their feelings, with the exception of him confronting Walt in his home about the poisoning of the boy in Season 4. But "shoot first ask questions later if at all" doesn't really apply there. It's not like Jesse spent much time discussing his feelings with Gale before killing him, even if he was sad about it. And Mike certainly never showed much interest in the discussion of feelings when knocking off his former associates.

Some post-E1 reading:

"Blood Money" framed the upcoming season in dueling terms of redemption. Walt seems to think that he can die a good man simply by ignoring his past sins. Jesse, on the other hand, wants to atone for what he's done.

Now, Badger’s idea for an Enterprise pie-eating contest lacks the thematic density of other AMC-character metafictional TOS spec scripts, like Paul Kinsey’s “The Negron Complex” or Sarah Linden’s “The Sweaters of Triskelion.” And one imagines that, if you asked Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan to explain the hidden meaning of Badger’s Star Trek pitch, he’d laugh his famous Georgia gentlemen laugh and say, “Well, heck, I don’t know much about ‘symbolism’ and whatnot. But who doesn’t live pies?” NOT BUYING IT, GILLIGAN! If you look closely, Badger’s fanfic contains hidden layers of meaning which illuminate the whole arc of Breaking Bad…and which might give us a clue about the show’s ultimate endgame. (continues..)