Ep. 11 (spoilers):

Best part: Walt's confession. As Charles once pointed out (rightly, I think) one of the best aspects of the show is watching Walt lie. Fitting then, that his trump card against Hank should be one great big atomic bomb of a lie -- Walt's masterpiece, in a way, and the evil mirror image of the sincere confessional video that opened the series. The frantic, earnest, pantless Walt, in the middle of a desert, panicked into honesty, into doing the "right" thing; now, the composed, remorseless Heisenberg, comfortable in his home, clinically producing his Oscar-worthy monologue of familial double-crossing. What a gloriously riveting load of neatly weaponized horseshit it was. Fun as it was watching Walt, say, blow up a drug lab with the MacGuyvery power of Science, it's more interesting to see his Evil manifest itself as mind-blowingly shameless fiction, a willingness to use words (and to manufacture emotions) in whatever way suits his end.

Worst part: Jesse's epiphany. We touched on the show's occasional problem with transparent plot contrivances last week, and this is a good example. Sadly I think this final wrap-up half-season will have a few more to come. You can almost see the writers writing in this arbitrary bit about Jesse lighting up a joint in Saul's office, so that Saul/Huel has a superficial reason to pickpocket him again, and thereby Jesse can, with dubious suddenness, put it all together in a flash. I just didn't 100% buy it, but watching Jesse go lone wolf after Walt should be entertaining and interesting all the same. And it looks like we may now know what happens to the house! All in all, I preferred plot-shifting moments like when Skylar first learned the truth -- her being one step ahead of the audience. In Season 5 the audience is left more conventionally one step ahead of the characters, leaving the "revelations" (Hank's, Jesse's) feeling somewhat manufactured.