The shootout started in the previous episode and was cleft in twain by a boring and pointless flashback. The way Walt lost his money to a bluff was too close behind Saul's man also falling prey to a bluff characters are only as smart as their writers. It took way too long for Hank to get shot (the Neo-Nazis couldn't hit him standing in the wide open?); his partner was more a minor nuisance than a major character; then Jesse miraculously and conveniently evades a bullet yet again. Jane is a dim memory at this point (if I hadn't read this thread before watching the episode, I'd have had to look up who she was). We didn't get to see Jesse receiving the beating he so richly deserved. The "knife fight" wasn't much, a missed opportunity to off Junior. I'm assuming the driver of that minivan who picked up Walt must be someone we've seen before, because I can't imagine some random person helping a total stranger load up a dirty 250-pound (assuming all $100 bills) barrel on their vehicle's upholstery.
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