Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal Tales Aims For Multi-Generational Appeal

by Staff

This week, Boom! Studios announced that their Archaia imprint will release a graphic novel from the world of The Dark Crystal  aimed at children, following on from the success of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Tales. In fact, the book will be written and illustrated by the creator of the previous book, Corey Godbey and will be released in Summer of 2017.
Both Boom and Godbey see a great deal of potential in the world of The Dark Crystal to convey meaningful, multi-generational themes to kids. Godbey says:

The themes woven within The Dark Crystal have never been more important for children or the parents of those children to hear. As the UrSkek tells Jen, ‘…we all are a part of each other.’ For this book, my goal was to create three stories which reflect those ideas and honor the tone of Jim Henson’s original, groundbreaking film. These stories explore how a single act can ripple outward and how you can never know who it will touch or who it might help.

The stories will follow the lives of characters Jen and Kira before meeting each other and the ensuing events of the film.

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