Preview Supernatural Western Death Be Damned #1, Out This Week From Boom! Studios

by Staff

Written by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and Andrew Miller, and illustrated by Hannah Christenson with colors by Juan Useche and letters by Colin Bell, the first issue of new four part Boom! Studios series, Death be Damned, lands this week on February 8th.
You may know Acker and Blacker from their work on Deadpool vs. Gambit and The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and Christenson from her work on Harrow County and Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons. But the whole creative team are moving into new territory now as they take on a supernatural revenge tale set in the Wild West, Wyoming to be exact.
The series has a seriousness to it so far, featuring a whole family murdered by outlaws, only for Miranda Coler to rise from the dead to exact revenge. The terms of her existence are limited, though, as she loses part of her memory each time she is “killed” again. She’s joined in her efforts by an undertaker versed in necromancy with his own hopes to resurrect the dead. Christenson’s edgy linework and Useche’s colors create a tense but fascinating atmosphere, drawing you into this emotional tale.
The main cover and variant covers below are by Hannah Christensen and Konstantin Tarasov, respectively.

And here’s our preview of issue #1, out February 8th:

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