Wacky Heroes Are ‘Not Forgotten’ – Public Domain Superhero Anthology Is Crowdfunding

by Staff

You may be aware that many superheroes created more than 70 years ago are now in the public domain, which means creators can co-opt those characters, invent new stories, drawn new comics, and in short, bring those lesser known figures to life again. Many of them are romantic, many downright wacky and odd, some even might make you ask, “What were they thinking?” But all of them speak to a rich storytelling tradition in comics and may spark the imagination of comics creators looking back over old strips.

Currently funding on Kickstarter is a superhero anthology book that includes many of these lesser known and quite entertaining heroes. A number of experienced comic creators are taking part, bringing their skills to the resurrection of heroes in a wide range of bold art styles. Some of the creators contributing to the anthology are: James Harren, Eric Esquivel, Ryan Cody, Jerry Gaylord, Matt Harding, DC Hopkins, and many more.
Here’s a full list of those participating:

Particularly appealing to a wide range of fans will be the breadth of tone and art style in this anthology, showing just what a font of new storytelling this tradition can inspire.
For instance, we have a classic approach to the Scarlet Avenger by Matt D. Wilson and Rodrigo Vargas:

And a more storybook, illustration feel for Teerena of the Tundra by Ashley V. Robinson and Morgan Beem:


This is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the anthology is set to contain. The team running the Kickstarter, Matthew Harding and Einar Masson, have successfully completed four Kickstarters, so have a solid track record for bringing projects to completion as well.

 Rewards include digital comics, the print anthology, buttons, posters, and more, and there is also a special Retailer package for those who’d like to bring Not Forgotten to their local shops.
You can also check out a trailer for this project, which is currently funding, and closes on March 9th:

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