Pretending Is Lying – An Unflinchingly Honest Graphic Memoir Now In English

by Staff

New York Review Comics (a division of NYRB) has just published an English translation of the Belgian graphic memoir Pretending is Lying. Hand-lettered in this English edition, Dominique Goblet’s memoir presents fragments of her life and relationships with humor and emotion while refusing to shy away from the traumatic experiences of her youth.
Goblet_cover_for_web_2048x2048Composed in mixed media of paint, ink, charcoal, and pencil, this hardcover edition translated by Sophie Yanow is currently available through NYRB’s website, and follows in the graphic memoir tradition of books like Persepolis and Maus.
Here’s a look at some of the lush interiors of the book:
Pretending_is_Lying_for_web_1_2048x2048 Pretending_is_Lying_for_web_3_2048x2048 Pretending_is_Lying_for_web_5_2048x2048 Pretending_is_Lying_for_web_6_2048x2048 Pretending_is_Lyring_for_web_2_2048x2048

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