‘Everyone Assumes You’ll Be Dead Soon’ – Watch The Magicians 2.4 Trailer And Sneak Peek

by Staff

The Magicians came back to Syfy after a massive season 1 cliffhanger three weeks ago, and now we’re rounding the bend on episode 4. Critics are calling the leaps taken in episode 3 risky for the show since they carry season finale kind of weight. Any yet, it’s quite possible a show that’s often humorously or repulsively brutal (and yet we keep watching) can survive these major developments even mid-season.
This episode promises to bring us our first glimpse of “the white lady” teased on the posters for this season, and two promos have been released so far.

First up, we have the official trailer for episode 4, airing on Wednesday, February 15th, featuring Quentin and Penny in “The Flying Forest”, which is the title of the episode:

And next, we have a further teaser for the episode, which clues us in to what’s going on for Eliot and Margo as king and queen of Fillory while Quentin and Penny seem to be running off on their own adventures:

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