God Of Mischief Or Just Misunderstood? It’s The Loki-Bucky Showdown Of T-Shirts

by Staff

You may have the finest horns or the equally good hair, but you may not have to choose between them. Clothing line Her Universe have released a batch of new Marvel-themed garments, and prominent among them are a “Loki Retro Jersey Hoodie” which sounds a little like Loki has traveled into the past to take over the Garden State, and in close proximity the illest Winter Soldier t-shirt yet, the “Bucky Misunderstood Short-Sleeved Raglan“. It can’t be any coincidence that they are placed next to each other as newly released items, a little like a choice between Slytherin and…hmm…Ravenclaw? Not sure.
Here’s a look at those items, and a couple more released for spring in Her Universe’s Marvel line, which comes in a full range of sizes:

There’s also the basic Marvel block sweatshirt:

And the completely classy “Black Panther Mask Raglan” brought in to presumably team up with Loki to take down Bucky. Or maybe just take care of it all by himself.

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