The Frankenstein Family Meets The 21st Century In Victor LaValle’s Destroyer From Boom

by Staff

Horror novelist Victor LaValle (The Ecstatic, The Devil in Silver, Big Machine) is creating his first full-length comic work , Destroyer, with artist Dietrich Smith (Shaft, Incredible Hercules) set to debut as a monthly series from Boom! Studios starting in May.
Destroyer is an “intense original series exploring the legacy of the greatest family in horror fiction”, according to Boom. The family in question is the Frankenstein family, and the last heir of that family loses her son due to encounter with police, and then seeks to resurrect him in the tradition of her forebearers. LaValle and Smith are bringing plenty of the 21st century’s current unrest into the comic as well, it seems, reminding us that horror is usually at its most effective when we recognize our world in it.
LaValle explains what fires his imagination about Destroyer:

The country is tearing itself apart. Hell, the whole world is tearing itself apart. All of us seem to be teetering somewhere between annihilation and hope. Destroyer is the story of a woman, a mad scientist, facing the same dilemma. And her choice might mean the death of every human being on the planet. I’m so excited to be telling this story, and at this exact moment in time. It will be a hell of a lot fun and thought-provoking, too.

The series is officially described thus:

When Dr. Jo Baker loses her son as the tragic result of an encounter with the police, she turns to science to find true justice for the death of her only child… by resurrecting him. Embracing her heritage as the last living heir of the Frankenstein family, Baker will soon come face-to-face with her family’s original monster, one whose quest to eliminate the scourge of humanity from the planet has been reawakened by recent events. But as the two must decide if they’re friend or foe, Dr. Baker will be forced to question if this battle for vengeance makes her the family’s true monster.

And here’s a substantial look at some concept art by Dan Mora and some interior art by Dietrich Smith:

Look out for Destroyer when it arrives in May!

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