Beehive Books Expands As Distribution Channel For Indie Creators

by Staff

Beehive Books, who we featured recently on for its uniqueness in promoting “outsider visions” in comics, has announced that they have expanded for the first time to act as distributor of works by three independent creators. Their reasons for doing so are very specific. Josh O’Neil and Maelle Doliveux, who founded Beehive Books, explain:

…we want to reaffirm our commitment to marginalized people everywhere, and to using our little soapbox to amplify voices that don’t always get heard.These are the times when we need art, books, stories, and brother- & sister-hood in our lives. And those are the things that our makeshift family at Beehive cares about most. In that spirit, we’ve entered into distribution arrangements with three of our favorite independent makers of comics, to bring you the very best of the best through Beehive Books.
The creators and works that have been added to online distribution by Beehive Books include:
New work by Rob Woods, including Black Polo Editions, The Absolute Death of Fishboy, Hearts of Thunder, The Saga of Hellcat, and THCS 2/BBC.  Woods creates works by hand in limited editions. Beehive Books describes Woods as: “a one-man crusade to make comics bolder, brasher and Blacker. His brilliant, frighteningly hilarious comics, which feature some of the crispest gestural cartooning this side of Alex Toth, are set in the places he knows best: mental institutions, park benches, halfway houses, rented rooms”.
FKT Magazine, created by Ed & Andre Krayewski. Beehvive describe this magazine as “the flat out weirdest thing in comics” and explain that it covers, “weird sex, Nazis, Rolexes, Jazz, Newark, and Donald Trump”. The magazine is created by a father and son, the former of whom is 83 years old, an emigree from Poland, and “no longer gives a damn about what anybody thinks”.
INK BRICK: The Journal of Comics Poetry, whose Kickstarter campaign we recently covered here on also. Ink Brick is headed into their 8th volume of poetry comics and currently crowdfunding for an edition that’s also going to appear in bookstores this autumn. Beehive describe Ink Brick as a “true standard bearer for the infinite expressiveness of the comics medium”. They will also be distributing previous issues of Ink Brick.
Congrats to Beehive Books and these creators for creating this new relationship to bring unique voices to readers. You can find all these books and more at Beehive’s webstore. O’Neil and Doliveux leave us with a final reminder:
…remember that art and books are, at their best, bastions of truth and freedom — and reminders that we are not alone.

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