The White Lady Was Originally In The Series Pilot – Watch Inside The Magicians 2.4

by Staff

Episode 4 of The Magicians Season 2 aired this week on Syfy, and brought with it a number of downward spirals for the characters, and maybe a little redemption for a couple who have been suffering all along. It was full of surprises, and lots of very truthful emotional moments for Quentin and for Eliot, particularly.

But episode 2.4 also brought with it the White Lady, a mysterious character who appeared on the poster for Season 2 and helps create the mythical feel of this season. In this “Inside The Magicians 2.4”, the cast and crew discuss the episode and make some really interesting revelations.
Not only did the White Lady makeup take 9 hours to apply, but she was a character originally included in the pilot for the show, and this “moment” we see between them toward the end of 2.4 was initially conceived to be the center of the plot of Seasons 1 and 2 at least, if not more. This moment was meant to the “present” of the story from which flashbacks radiated to tell the story. What do you think? Would it have worked? It certainly casts the first two seasons in a new light.
See for yourself what the cast and crew have to say about episode 2.4:

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