Wrestling With Violent Urges – Charles Forsman’s Slasher Arrives In April

by Staff

You may have come across Charles Forsman’s work in any of a number of ways. You might know him as the publisher of indie imprint Oily Comics. You might have more recently followed his indie comics series Revenger following grindhouse themes. But this spring, you’ll find his new book, Slasher, hitting the shelves. As you might guess from the title, Forsman is taking his love of film genres to a new project, and this time he’ll be distributed by Floating World Comics in the Portland-based comic shop’s role as a publisher of indie projects.

Forsman came to work with Floating World on this project via Jason Leivian, the owner of the shop, and someone who he has known for many years. Leivian had been enthusiastic about Forsman’s series Revenger, and looking out for a project they might do together. Forsman wanted his next project to be serialized and the offer to have a partner in the work needed for publication and distribution through Diamond was a welcome one.
With Revenger, Forsman brought 80’s themes and exploitation cinema to a new species of indie comic, and he acknowledges that his experience on the comic was a shift for him. Since then, he’s allowed himself to “embrace more genre aspects” of his interests, he says.

But he’s still exploring a wide range of approaches to the comics medium, including a monthly mini-comic, available through his Patreon, which is “a teenage high school drama with maybe some telekinetic powers thrown in.” The mini-comic, called i am not ok with this, may include “powers” but Forsman describes that aspect as “light” compared to the gist of the series, which is “more about a girl trying to figure out her sexuality and her feelings for her best friend.”
However, Slasher may actually be a transformative experience for Forsman in terms of the kind of comics he produces, since it partakes of both worlds. He says:

I feel like it is bridging the gap between exploitation and more introspective work. Despite its name it will not be a traditional Slasher-movie type story. It’s more about following along with the main character as she wrestles with these violent urges welling within her.

When I asked Forsman what made Slasher a story that he wanted to tell, he admitted that he tries not to analyze those feelings while actually making the comic. “I think if I stopped to ask myself why I do any comics, that would take the fun out of it”, he confessed.
Ironically, I personally found that his answer conveyed a great deal to me about Slasher—it seems to be very much about enjoyment of the medium and the experience of reading this new work, for both Forsman and for his audience.
It’s a work that boils over with its own tensions, interrupted by bursts of humor, mainly through human reactions to extremity and via extreme contrasts. Christine works in a job that’s clearly pressurized her personality to an explosive degree, and she finds herself becoming obsessed with raw meat and stranger tastes. And she’s not the only one. Is she a potential Dexter-in-training, or is it all in her mind? Forsman keeps you on the edge of deciding one way or the other from page to page in what’s being dubbed a “psycho-sexual thriller”.
Look out for Charles Forsman representing Slasher and his new Revenger collection from Bergen Street Press at several shows this year. He’s planning on a presence at East Coast Comic Con, Cake, and HeroesCon, and there may be a few more added along the way.
Here’s a preview of the interiors on Slasher #1:

Slasher #1 arrives in shops on April 26th, and is currently listed in Previews World with item code: FEB171109

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