Drawn & Quarterly’s Fall Lineup Includes Lynda Barry, Lewis Trondheim, And The Unquotable Trump

by Staff

Drawn & Quarterly have recently released information about their Fall catalogue, arriving from September to November 2017. And it’s a very impressive roster of comics greats as well as newer additions. We have Lewis Trondheim, Lynda Barry, Tove Jansson, John Porcellino, and more.
The final item in the catalogue is particularly amusing, however. R. Sikoryak, currently on tour for his Terms and Conditions, a comics re-telling of the iTunes contract in many varied art styles, has recently been producing a mini-comic called The Unquotable Trump, which you might have seen in New York local shops like JHU Comics. In fact, I picked up a few of them as gifts in recent months. To many a reader’s delight, no doubt, Sikoryak looks to be producing an entire volume, which will be published by D+Q come November. That’s a long wait. But there’s so much material to work with, that no doubt Sikoryak will be kept busy.
Here is our first look at D+Q’s Fall lineup:
In September, Poppies of Iraq by Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim

In September, Goliath, by Tom Gauld

In September, The Good Times Are Killing Me, by Lynda Barry

In September, Present, by Leslie Stein

In September, Anna and Froga: Completely Bubu by Anouk Ricard

In September, From Lone Mountain, by John Porcellino

In October, Toys Talking, by Leanne Shapton

In October, Baking with Kafka, by Tom Gauld

In October, Kitaro’s Strange Adventures, by Shigeru Mizuki

In November, Moomin and the Brigands, by Tove Jansson

In November, The Unquotable Trump, by R. Sikoryak

For more information about Drawn & Quarterly’s Fall Catalogue, make sure to visit their website right here.

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