Jughead, An Embarrassing Video Upload, And All The Rage – Preview Issue #13, Out Today

by Staff

With a truly great creative team on Jughead, published by Archie Comics, it’s definitely a series high on humor to check out. Written by Ryan North, drawn by Derek Charm and Jack Morelli, issue #13, out today takes us through a day with Reggie rampant and Jughead making a very big blunder, leading to a Jughead on the run. And all our familiar faces quite enraged.

Here’s the official description for this issue:
Reggie has won KING FOR A DAY!  And it turns out his first act as King is to demand… that everyone else to form a band with him? Okay that’s actually not so bad; I was expecting way worse from Reggie. Wait, never mind, I’m getting word that DESPITE this very enjoyable and conflict-free premise, when Jughead plays around with the new music video for “The Reggies” and accidentally uploads an altered and embarrassing clip to the internet, everyone becomes enraged at our favorite crown-wearing hamburger-loving pal! Even Betty, and she’s the greatest!  She doesn’t get mad unless it’s really important! ANYWAY: Jughead will face CONSEQUENCES, but at least they’ll be interesting AND HILARIOUS to read about!
And here’s our preview of Jughead #13:

Look out for Jughead #13, out today, February 22nd, in shops. But also keep an eye out for Jughead Volume 2, that arrives in shops today as well.

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