An Act Of Grodd – Watch The Flash’s Extended Promo For ‘Attack On Central City’

by Staff

The two part Flash event taking on Gorilla City started off with a real sense that we were exploring territory we hadn’t seen before, both geographically and in terms of character. Taking characters out of familiar bounds is one solid way to illuminate new aspects of their personality (would Caitlyn even have become aware she was Killer Frost otherwise?), and yet this event does something special.

We’ve seen Barry in many more hostile and unknown settings than the others, particularly due to his ability to travel in time, but in the first episode of this event, we really glimpse a version of The Flash that syncs well with the comics. Without giving too much away about episode 13, “Attack on  Gorilla City”, Barry’s choices and the extreme ways in which he uses his power and allows it to be used speak to a greater maturity in his role, taking bigger risks for bigger rewards, than we’ve seen before.
So what will the status quo be in episode 14, “Attack on Central City”? Well, now we have all of Central City, and perhaps a large swath of earth, at stake, too. This maturity in Barry and developments for Kid Flash in the same direction will help set up the big showdown of the season, posing the question: Can Iris West be saved from her own future?
But first, gorillas. Lots and lots of gorillas.
Here’s our extended promo for “Attack on Central City”, which will air on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, on the CW:

And here’s a look inside that revealing episode 13, “Attack on Gorilla City”:

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