Action Lab’s Medisin Brings Us Health Care For Super Villains And Dilemmas For Doctors

by Staff

Medisin is coming up as a six issue series from Action Lab’s Danger Zone (which means it’s an adult rather than all-ages comic, aimed at readers 20 years of age and older). Written by Jeff Dyer and Dr. Mark McKeon, drawn by David Brame, colored by Joaquin Peyeryra and lettered by Adam Wollet, Medisin: Health Care for Super Villains, the series sets out to present diverse characters and “darker” adult themes, and the premise is darkly interesting. It poses the question: just how to super villains get patched up after their endless body-punishing fights with powered heroes? And if you were a doctor tending a super villain, would you feel ethically torn about saving such a dangerous life?

Writer Jeff Dyer explains:

As a kid, I always wondered where the super villains went after a brutal battle. I mean, they couldn’t just walk into a hospital because they’d be arrested, right? That’s how MEDISIN was born. I think this story explores something new and features characters the readers will care about and identify with. These physicians are torn between their duty and saving lives.  But which lives are worth saving? And by saving the most horrible beings imaginable, are they contributing to the evil in the world? Comics have always been about right vs wrong, good vs evil. That is at the heart of what we are exploring in MEDISIN. These characters are deeply flawed individuals who still may have a shot at redemption. But of course it comes with a cost.

Here are some more of the covers for issue #1:

We also have a preview of issue #1 of the first arc “First Do No Harm” to give us an idea of what lies ahead:

Look out for Medisin #1 in May 2017 from Action Lab!

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